Certified Aftercare Specialist™

Certified Aftercare Specialist™

The gold standard for quality & ethical practices in aftercare, the Certified Aftercare Specialist™ training is accredited by the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice.


Certified Aftercare Specialist

Aftercare: The cornerstone of funeral service

As the oldest caregiving professionals is the world, funeral homes have long been the first stop on the bereavement journey. Providing aftercare is a natural extension of funeral service, and an important opportunity for funeral professionals to build client relationships.

As part of a funeral home, a Certified Aftercare Specialist™ is equipped to facilitate both one-on-one support along with support groups. Certified staff will also be able to conduct debriefings in the event of traumatic community events. By providing support, education, and resources for grieving families, aftercare is an opportunity to go above and beyond services provided by most funeral homes.

These outreach efforts provide critical support and help strengthen both community and family ties for funeral homes. People will likely remember these outreach efforts next time they need funeral services for a loved one.

What is a Certified Aftercare Specialist™?

A Certified Aftercare Specialist™ is a funeral professional who has been trained and certified by the International Grief Institute. Professionals learn the gold standard of care in aftercare and the skills necessary to confidently provide quality aftercare services for the families and communities they serve. CAS certification establishes the funeral professional as a consulting specialist during a critical incident or community crisis.

Developed exclusively for the funeral industry, the interactive training is an innovative high-quality certification program that encompasses education and grief support skills that enables professionals to provide the highest standards of grief support care. The training provides comprehensive grief education, establishes best practices in delivering aftercare services, evidenced-based tools, practical solutions, and resources.

Upon completion, professional will earn the Certified Aftercare Specialist™ credential and be fully trained to offer professional support in any setting. 

Who is it for?
It is designed exclusively for funeral professionals seeking education in the field of grief, and desire the capability to promote healing after loss. Upon completion, professionals will earn the Certified Aftercare Specialist™ credential and be fully trained to offer professional support in any setting. A biennial online refresher class will keep certification current. 

The importance of certification
The CAS designation is the gold standard for quality and ethical practices in aftercare and the only accredited aftercare credentialing that can be achieve in the funeral industry. Those who earn the CAS credential are designated as funeral service professionals who are dedicated to investing in family and community care. It establishes credibility and expertise in the field of bereavement skills with delivery of effective, useful and quality outreach.  It also fulfills a requirement for those who are interested in becoming a Certified Debriefing Specialist™ and serve in the field of trauma.

Raising the bar and setting the gold standard for aftercare services.

The Certified Aftercare Specialist™ is approved by the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice for 2.0 continuing education credits and 20 contact hours (APFSP Category A).

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