From first responders to last responders, IGI’s well-designed certifications help you impact the community in a positive way.

IGI’s innovative certifications equip you with the skills you need to make a lasting impact on those you serve. From funeral professionals developing aftercare programs to community members providing peer support, IGI’s certification is a respected mark of credibility.

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Certified Aftercare Specialist™

Aligned with the NFDA’s Pursuit of Excellence, the Certified Aftercare Specialist™ is the only accredited aftercare certification that equips funeral professionals with the language, tools and practical methods needed to continue a meaningful connection with clients after a funeral.

  • Funeral directors
  • Funeral staff
  • Embalmers
  • Certified Celebrants

Certified iCare Specialist™

International Grief Institute

Designed for those who have lost a loved one and want to coach other community members through grief, this enhanced peer support training is the first of its kind to blend practical knowledge, applied experience, and the pillars of trauma into a comprehensive certification.

  • Who’ve experienced firsthand loss
  • Who want to do more than grief coaching
  • Who want to facilitate support groups, community events and workshops

Debriefing in the Workplace

International Grief Institute

Debriefing is a critical incident stress management technique designed to assist staff who are coping with trauma and/or vicarious trauma that occur within the workplace. Students gain practical knowledge and a solid foundation for understanding the effects of stress and vicarious trauma, and learn to facilitate in-house staff debriefings.

  • Learn to facilitate in-house debriefing sessions
  • Identify how trauma affects critical thinking, cognition, problem-solving, etc
  • Understand the complementary roles of stress management, resilience, and career longevity
  • Learn evidence-based techniques that mitigate negative work-related effects