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IGI’s well-designed certifications help you impact your community in a positive way.

IGI’s innovative certifications equip you with the skills you need to make a lasting impact on those you serve. From funeral professionals developing aftercare programs to community members providing peer support, IGI’s certification is a respected mark of credibility.

International Grief Institute
The largest grief resource library in the world.


Everything you need to run a community grief support group from start to finish.

The iCare grief support group program offers both community-based and Christ-based groups for community and church members who desire to lead a grief support group. Carefully and thoughtfully designed, facilitators will be equipped to lead participants through an 8-week support group that will fuel them with comfort, understanding and hope by pairing relevant discussion topics, self-care strategies, externalization activities, journaling, and more. Leader manuals come with complete instructions for running a support group, and can be used over and over.


You hold your families’ future in your hands, and iCare can help.

Connecting with your families after the funeral offers a lifeline of hope that makes all the difference. The iCare Aftercare™ suite of full circle programs and products make it easy to support your families when they need it most.

The largest grief resource library in the world.