HUGS Community Outreach Holiday Program

HUGS Community Outreach Holiday Program

Pumpkin spice lattes. Steaming hot cocoa. Storefronts dressed in holiday style. ‘Tis the holiday season, a season filled with gaiety and Hallmark moments—unless you’re missing someone you love.

Holiday HUGS program

Many grievers say there is no harder time than the holidays, leaving your organization with a prime opportunity for community outreach.

The HUGS program—Holiday Understanding Grief Support—is a successful interactive program that provides comfort and support during one of the hardest times of the year.

HUGS Holiday Program

What is HUGS?

HUGS is a workshop, sharing circle, and candlelight ceremony all rolled into one special event. Hosted by your organization and led by IGI staff, HUGS is a community outreach program that supports your families over the holidays.

We provide staff, workshop handouts, candles, music, marketing material, press release, and more—everything you need for a successful event.

Program includes:
1. Workshop to help cope with the holidays
2. Sharing circle
3. Candlelighting ceremony including candles and music

History of HUGS

HUGS was created over 10 years ago by aftercare specialist Linda Findlay in response to organizations who wanted to do something for grieving families but didn’t have the staff or tools. Today, HUGS has partnered with hundreds of organizations across the nation to provide a private label program that’s helped thousands of families during a difficult time of year.

With the holidays just around the corner, call soon to get your community outreach HUGS program on the calendar—and make a lasting impression for the families you serve.

“POSITIVE . . . I’ve watched our program attendance grow year to year from just a few people to rooms filled with hundreds. The payoff is the positive community impression for the hosting organization.”
—LINDA FINDLAY, VP of Aftercare


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