Consulting Services

Consulting Services

International Grief Institute

Employees are the backbone of every organization. Yet, grief in the workplace costs employers up to $500 billion in lost productivity every year (Medina, 2012).

Bereaved employees often describe how the toughest part of returning to work is the inability to focus, make profitable decisions, and ignore the elephant in the room. Coworkers frequently feel uncomfortable, unsure what to say or how to behave.

IGI corporate consulting services offers 15 best practice strategies designed to mitigate the effects of employee grief, including how to:

  • Prevent lost revenue
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reduce turnover
  • Increase safety
  • Watch for predatory employees


When companies are there for people at critical times, it makes a critical difference.
-SHERYL SANDBERG, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook


90% of employees reported reduced concentration while on the job.


This 3-hour workshop for HR managers offers functional expertise and best practice strategies designed to minimize disruption, maximize productivity, and create a sustainable culture of support in today’s workplace when a member of the work family is impacted by loss. Managers learn:

  • 15 best practice and bereavement strategies
  • How to prepare internal and external communication
  • How to support employee resilience
  • How to update HR policies
  • How to conduct debriefings
  • How to improve corporate culture
  • How to improve employee safety & minimize risk
  • How to minimize disruption & maximize workflow

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Debriefing is a technique designed to assist employees who are coping with psychological and emotional trauma that occurred within the workplace or stems from loss of an employee. Conducted by a certified facilitator, debriefing allows staff to process the loss, express emotions and thoughts associated with the event, and reflect on its impact.

Debriefing in the workplace within a 72-hour period experience less short- and long-term psychological trauma (Mitchell, 1988; Young, 1994).  Debriefing goals:

  • Mitigate emotional stress.
  • Facilitate normalization of work.
  • Serve as a forum for stress management education.
  • Identify external coping resources.

Debriefing Services PDF

IGI’s corporate assessment services offer functional expertise and solid strategies to help your organization improve existing HR bereavement policies and procedures. With a focus on identifying critical issues, our plan customized to your needs will help minimize risk, and maximize staff retention, and boost employee wellness in times of crisis.

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70% of grieving employees reported increased use of alcohol and mood-altering substances for 6 months or more. -NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR PALLIATIVE CARE AND DYING MATTERS