Debriefing Services






3 hours

What is debriefing?

Debriefing is a technique designed to assist employees who are coping with psychological and emotional trauma that occurred within the workplace or stems from loss of an employee.

What is the reason for debriefing?

Debriefing allows staff to process the loss, express emotions and thoughts associated with the loss, and reflect on its impact. Debriefing in the workplace within a 72-hour period experience less short- and long-term psychological trauma (Mitchell, 1988; Young, 1994). 

How many staff can attend a debriefing session?

Up to 15 at a time in one group.

What is the duration of the debriefing?

Up to 3 hours per group.

Where is the debriefing located?


What are debriefing goals?

  • Mitigate emotional stress.
  • Facilitate normalization of work.
  • Serve as a forum for stress management education.
  • Identify external coping resources.