Managing Employee Grief Assessment Services


Up to 15 managers, administrators, supervisors, department leads




7.5 hours

In this one-day on-site interactive workshop, HR administrators, supervisors, and managers will learn best organizational practices to help balance the needs of bereaved staff, and how to update the HR manual with 15 effective strategies that foster a safe work environment, maintain office productivity, minimize workflow disruption, and preserve corporate culture before, during, and after an employee crisis.

Professionals will learn how to:

  1. Write company policy
  2. Respond to employee crisis
  3. Minimize disruption
  4. Maximize workflow
  5. Ensure employee safety
  6. Prepare communication
  7. Conduct briefing and debriefing
  8. Incorporate Corporate Bereavement Buddies as a liaison
  9. Improve corporate culture and employee satisfaction
  10. Reduce employee turnover