Corporate Bereavement Buddy

Start time

Spring 2019


Five 90-minute modules

The IGI Corporate Bereavement Buddy certification program is designed to train individual staff to provide monitoring of a bereaved employee when he or she returns to work. The curriculum teaches how to pair with a bereaved employee, monitor for triggering and unsafe situations, monitor work atmosphere, and function as a liaison with management.


Certification includes 5 modules that cover core components of grief, how to support the bereaved within the work environment, and liaison guidelines with management. Each 90-minute module is followed by an online exam to test and ensure understanding and competency as a certified Corporate Bereavement Buddy.

Students will learn:

  1. Core components of grief
  2. How to support the bereaved employee as they transition back to work
  3. How to monitor for triggers, warning signs, and potentially unsafe situations before they escalate
  4. ​How to monitor work atmosphere and stay ahead of predatory employees
  5. ​How to set guidelines as a liaison with management

Individuals seeking to earn professional certification as a Corporate Bereavement Buddy must:

  1. Submit the enrollment form
  2. Complete all 5 modules within six months
  3. Earn 80% or better on each competency exam

Successful graduates will be certified as a Corporate Bereavement Buddy through the International Grief Institute.


Full tuition: $825 divided across 5 modules at $165 each. This allows students to pay as they go.​​ Students can save $200 by paying in full at time of registration. Tuition ​is payable by debit or credit card, PayPal, and check (U.S. funds only),