Certified Grief Educator

Start time

September 2019


Twenty 90-minute modules

An innovative certification, the IGI Certified Grief Educator program is designed for those looking to be part of the solution, add a valuable certification to their resume, and make a difference for fellow employees during one of life’s most challenging experiences. Taught by some of the best experts in the field, the comprehensive curriculum trains and certifies individuals to address the problem and assist corporations with developing strategies and human resource protocols in response to employees facing loss.


Certification includes 20 modules that cover core knowledge of grief, resilience, and corporate strategies that minimize risk management and maximize workplace safety. Each 90-minute module is followed by an online exam to test under-standing and ensure competency to teach as a certified IGI educator

Students will learn:

  1. How to teach corporate strategies for handling employee crises
  2. How to minimize risks and maximize workflow during employee crises
  3. How to preserve and improve corporate culture related to employee crises
  4. How to incorporate corporate protocol as part of internal policies and procedures
  5. How to market and teach your own workshops

Individuals seeking to earn professional certification as an Certified Grief Educator must:

  1. Submit the enrollment form
  2. Complete all coursework within one year
  3. Earn 80% or better on each competency exam
  4. Teach one community workshop and submit student surveys back to IGI for review. This is an exercise that demonstrates that the participant successfully applied the IGI curriculum within our level of standard for IGI certification.  

Successful graduates will be endorsed as an Certified Grief Educator through the International Grief Institute and be authorized to teach IGI's Managing Grief in the Workplace workshops in corporate, institutional, and academic settings of their choice.


Full tuition: $3,900 divided across 20 modules at $195 each. This allows students to pay as they go.​​ Students can save $400 by paying in full at time of registration. Tuition ​is payable by debit or credit card, PayPal, and check (U.S. funds only).