Carol Scibelli, author of Poor Widow Me

When NYC playwright/comedian Carol Scibelli lost her husband Jimmy in 2006, she turned to the only thing she knew: laughter. Penning her memoir in her book Poor Widow Me, Carol is a master at intertwining heartbreak with humor. Watch as Carol shares her poignant story and offers us all a bit of grief relief comedy that's good for the heart.

Widow Safety & Security

Over 70% of widows live alone, making them vulnerable to predators, scammers, and prowlers. Widowlution founder Mary Lee Robinson shares easy strategies widows can use to protect themselves.

A dream, a nightmare, and fighting for hope

Lynda Cheldelin Fell dreamed of her daughter dying in a car accident. Two years later her dream came true. The Moments of Hope host takes her turn in the guest seat and shares her story about what happened next. Hosted by IGI co-founder Glen Lord.

Judy Taylor

Judy Taylor, author of Mum Moments, shares her journey through discovering herself and facing an uncertain future since losing her mom.

Alan Pedersen

When Alan Pedersen's 18-year-old daughter died in a car accident nearly 17 years ago, Alan wasn't sure he could survive. Today he spreads love from coast to coast in his Angels Across the USA van. Watch his story.

Joanne Fink

Zenspirations founder Joanne Fink found her voice after losing her husband. Watch her inspiring story.

Getting to know her father after his death

Lisa Romeo, prolific writer and author of Starting with Goodbye, rediscovers her father through conversations after his death, and challenges America's disdain for death rituals and grief. 

TAPS for military families

The story of Bonnie Carroll, the military widow who turned her pain into purpose by founding TAPS, a tragedy assistance program serving survivors of military loved one.

Finding hope after loss: One widow's story

Soaring Spirits International and Camp Widow founder Michele Neff Hernandez shares her story of finding hope after losing her husband in a cycling accident in 2005.

Why do men outnumber women in suicide?

An inside look at why working men ages 25-54 account for the largest number of suicide deaths in the U.S., featuring guest Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas, award-winning suicide prevention advocate and White House speaker on mens health.

Traumatic sibling loss

An inside look at traumatic sibling loss with guest expert Dr. Heidi Horsley, professor of Traumatic Loss During Childhood at Columbia University, 35 years after she lost her 17-year-old brother Scott in a car crash.

Who killed Carrie Singer?

An inside look at how Discovery Channel's coverage of Carrie Singer's murder has impacted Carrie's family.

Trisomny 18: One mother's journey

What would you do if your unborn baby was diagnosed with a fatal syndrome? Meet Dianna Vagianos Armentrout, author of Walking the Labyrinth of My Heart, who shares her poignant journey of carrying a baby with trisomy 18 to term.

The benefits of creative spiritual journaling

When life feels chaotic and you're seeking quiet in the storm, learn how to process feelings and thoughts in a spiritual journal using a creative collage technique. IGI instructor Harriet Riley shares what students learn in her class Creative Spiritual Journaling. 

Can reiki energy really help ease grief?

Reiki Master teacher and certified grief recovery specialist Sharon Ehlers shares how Reiki can be used as a healing modality for grief.