Thank you for your willingness to take a short survey regarding your experience with grief in the workplace. Your answers will help the International Grief Institute work with corporations to improve their support of employees facing death of a loved one. If you have questions regarding this survey, please contact [email protected]. Thank you.
What is your age?
What is your job role?
Do you work in the Human Resources Department?
Does your company's policy specify bereavement leave?
If so, how much paid bereavement leave is allowed?
Have you lost a loved one in the course of your employment with this company?
How many Personal, Earned or Vacation days did you use as Bereavement Leave?
Does your company have policies and procedures in place for when a bereaved employee returns to work?
When you returned to work, did your organization offer you a private place or room when needed to gather yourself?
Did your company offer to communicate your loss to fellow employees?
Were your fellow employees offered any kind of debriefing or department meeting where they were invited to share their sadness?
What types of informal support did you receive from your employer, managers and/or co-workers?
Overall how satisfied were you with the response and amount of support you received after the death of your loved one?