What’s the difference between the Certified Aftercare Specialist™ and the Certified Bereavement Outreach Coordinator™?

The Certified Aftercare Specialist™ is developed exclusively for funeral professionals and includes anyone who has front office contact with clients. The curriculum is geared specifically around not just understanding grief through the eyes of clients, but how to implement and market a variety of support and outreach programs that establishes your funeral home as the experts in the community. We give you the education, tools and templates so you don’t have to recreate the wheel, and ongoing support to help you along the way.

The Certified Bereavement Outreach Coordinator is peer training for those who have been through a loss and want to coach others. This training is much longer because most participants start with nothing aside from their own experience. The emphasis is on how to provide peer support without retraumatizing themselves, along with the tools and templates needed to coach others along the journey.

Can someone earn both certifications?

Yes, you can earn both certifications, though the dual certification would benefit only those in the funeral industry who want a deeper understanding of grief recovery.

Those who want to become a grief coach wouldn’t benefit from the dual certification, as the Certified Aftercare Specialist™ curriculum covers concepts that aren’t applicable outside the funeral industry.

Do you offer private training?

Yes. We offer on-site training for organizations who wish to train their staff. The only additional cost is travel coverage; registration price per participant remains the same.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. We offer a 0% interest payment plan that allows you to make three monthly payments prior to the training dates.

What is iCare Aftercare™?

iCare Aftercare™ is a division of International Grief Institutes that offers customized services and turnkey resources to funeral homes to help support families through grief. Learn More »