Certified Bereavement Buddy™

Certified Bereavement Buddy™

The first comprehensive peer support certification designed to meet the needs of today’s world.

Developed exclusively for people who have firsthand experience with loss and want to coach others through grief, this peer support training is the first of its kind to blend practical knowledge, applied experience, and the pillars of trauma into a comprehensive training.

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Certification teaches you how to:

  • Provide peer support in both individual and group settings
  • Work from a trauma informed perspective
  • Mitigate the effects of emotional trauma
  • Support bereaved individuals
  • Coordinate a community vigil
  • Facilitate grief groups
  • Offer resilience tools
  • Provide debriefing
  • & more

Students learn how to provide peer support for individuals, groups and communities, and strengthen the pipeline of hope when people need it most.

Who is it for?
Anyone who is interested in becoming a certified grief coach.

What can a Certified Bereavement Buddy™ do?

Certified individuals are fully trained to offer both individual and group peer grief support in any setting. They can facilitate groups, coach individuals, coordinate community vigils, and learn how to offer professional debriefing.

What makes us different from other grief coaching certifications:
The Certified Bereavement Buddy™ curriculum is specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s world. Recent events have shown that no town is safe from a mass casualty incident. Certified Bereavement Buddy™ specialists are specifically trained to help grieving individuals, groups, and entire communities.

The importance of Certification

IGI certification designates someone who is credentialed and skilled to meet the needs of individuals and communities in the aftermath of loss.


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